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July 13, 2022

How Does Odysee Work? What Is Odysee?

Odysee is a streaming platform that offers video content like other social media websites, such as YouTube and Twitch. The Odysee platform is a YouTube alternative that provides a unique opportunity for each content creator intending to use cryptocurrency with blockchain technology to design the video-sharing platform. The LBRY network is the blockchain-based payment and file-sharing system that runs Odysee for digital content creators and followers. 

Odysee is a new video platform, along with LBRY Inc., the cryptocurrency that supports the website, which CEO Jeremy Kauffman runs. Established in 2020, Odysee is a place for creators looking for a different option from mainstream social media video platforms. It’s easy to sign up for a new account, which requires all users and creators to be at least thirteen years of age. 

While it’s a relatively new streaming platform for users and video creators, the estimated number of users is over eight million, while there are several hundred thousand content creators.

Registering for an Odysee Account

The registration process requires an email address and basic information to start. You can easily download and use the Odysee app on most smartphones. You’ll want to get familiar with the terms of agreement and rights reserved, which is available on the video-sharing platform when you sign up for an Odysee account. It’s a great users’ channel based on an open-source platform with lots of opportunities for new content and pop culture trends.

Odysee vs YouTube

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Odysee functions like a decentralized YouTube, which means all the content posted and streamed on the platform isn’t subject to the same community guidelines or censorship that Twitch and YouTube creators follow. 

It’s the only video streaming site that integrates cryptocurrency, making it a unique platform. There are several notable differences to consider when comparing Odysee and the YouTube channel:

  • YouTube video content must adhere to specific guidelines, which means that offensive content or speech may be restricted or removed altogether. Odysee, on the other hand, offers more significant opportunities for digital content without the barriers of censorship, which is appealing to some creators and followers.
  • Since there are little or no restrictions on the content streaming on Odysee, you’ll have access to more exclusive content from your favorite creators. YouTube is subject to guidelines, which impact the type of entertainment and content offered on this platform.
  • Odysee is the only video-sharing platform supported by the LBRY protocol, meaning every video added to the website is recorded on a distributed ledger. There are also opportunities to earn rewards through browsing channels and performing simple tasks online.
  • When you upload, it’s online permanently and recorded in the LBRY blockchain so that content won’t be removed or restricted on YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms.

Odysee is one of the newest video platforms online and the only video content website supported by a blockchain protocol, which offers both viewers and influencers the opportunity to earn crypto credits. This revenue can be applied towards creating content or exchanging, selling, and withdrawing as cash.

Is Legit? is a legitimate website that offers an opportunity to earn through the LBRY blockchain while searching for uncensored videos and content. This video platform was also acquired by Google and is available through a convenient app, where users can record, download, and backup peer content from Odysee onto their smartphone.

Problems With Odysee

While Odysee is a relatively safe platform to use, its light level of censorship can lead to a higher risk of content that contains violence, terrorism, pornography, and extremist content. The LBRY protocol sets a stage for content that supports free speech. 

However, Odysee’s decentralized platform may often stream video content unsuitable for children or may be offensive or extremist. So, while this platform offers support for free speech, there is a risk of extremist videos and other content that would typically become banned or restricted on other video streaming channels, including Twitch and YouTube.

Can You Earn Money on Odysee?

Social media influencers can make a significant income on Odysee, depending on their success. Typically, Odysee’s content creators can earn anywhere from a couple hundred per month to several thousand. This income is earned in LBRY cryptocurrency, which can be sold and exchanged for cash. 

For the average user, earning credits on the video platform may take some time, though it’s an excellent alternative to viewing YouTube videos or Twitch content.

With consistent access, an LBRY user can easily earn credits over time, and it takes longer to acquire the sufficient crypto funds required to stream your videos. While this process may take longer for beginner users to earn enough to post content, it’s an excellent incentive for someone new to the platform. It wants to get familiar with how it works with LBRY Inc. while earning some crypto funds as they browse and view content. 

What About LBRY – What Is LBRY?

LBRY is the cryptocurrency that keeps content creators and users engaged on Odysee, which you earn by signing up for tasks and clicking on various content on the app or website, which allows you to accumulate credits to begin streaming your content for viewers. 

Suppose you’re content using Odysee as an alternative to viewing YouTube videos without creating videos or live streaming. In that case, you can apply the earned LBRY to tip and support your favorite creators. 

One of the drawbacks of creating content for Twitch or YouTube is the risk of becoming demonetized if specific content violates the community guidelines. In some cases, this unexpected result can happen without much warning, which can reduce the ability of influencers and content creators to earn revenue.

Since LBRY is an extension of Odysee, there is greater freedom to earn funds without the same restrictions. At the same time, video content creators can directly interact with viewers without the risk of losing their monetization status on the platform or losing videos posted to their channel. 


Odysee provides a unique opportunity for content creators and social media influencers to earn cryptocurrency funds through the LBRY blockchain while keeping their content permanently posted and available for viewers and users on the platform. 

While there are concerns about the lack of censorship, which can potentially lead to extremist content on Odysee, many influencers and users enjoy the open-source platform as a means to interact more freely without the same limitations as other video streaming sites. It’s an exciting platform to watch, as there are plenty of opportunities for content creators, including influencers from other platforms, to broaden their audience and the type of content they stream.

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