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August 23, 2022

In Demand Blockchain Jobs

In Demand Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain technology jobs are becoming increasingly higher in demand across many businesses around the world. Blockchain expertise has become the most sought-after skill for startup businesses along with long-running companies.

The sudden rise in the number of blockchain jobs stems from its numerous applications in a growing number of fields.

This new crypto boom is a chance to set yourself apart from the average blockchain enthusiast and dive into creating, marketing, and selling cryptocurrency and Web3 content.

Industries Interested in Blockchain Jobs

Which businesses are hiring, you ask? In general, four major entities fill the crypto market:

  • Big Industries: well-established industries need blockchain experts who can lend their skills to help them grow with the ever-expanding technology boom that the US is enjoying.

Companies that run banks, natural gas, insurance, law offices, and retailers are some excellent examples.

  • Small Businesses: Startups are also trying to throw their hats into the ring and get a piece of the growing blockchain technology cake. Employers in this sector are hungry for long-term experts to help grow this investment into big business.
  • Tech Firms: Thanks to this new wave of blockchain technology, tech firms risk losing their entire workforce as blockchain takes over the world.

While they scramble to move towards a non-centralized system, they will seek people with blockchain expertise to help them out.

  • Governments: Worldwide, governments recognize cryptocurrency’s copious advantages and are making concerted efforts to keep up with this new wave.

Undoubtedly, the government will offer a plethora of blockchain technology jobs, waiting for those with the proper skills to fill them up.

Roles in Demand

Numerous roles are available in the blockchain technology field, and the number of jobs is only increasing. The most prominent roles that are in high demand include:

  • Tech Roles
  • Non-Tech Roles

You can further divide tech roles into engineering positions, like a technical writer job. Non-tech roles include sales, marketing, and operations.

Each of these sectors has high-paying jobs ready for eager young crypto experts, so if you ever thought your future career depends on understanding blockchain technology, you were likely right!

If you are a tech whiz who can handle yourself behind a computer, you will flourish in an engineering capacity. You will be responsible for developing, designing, and implementing all blockchain servers and systems.

If coding isn’t your thing, that’s also fine because the marketing and sales roles need crypto experts as well. Instead of creating the crypto designs and Web3 programs, you will market, supplement with content, and handle the operational side of the business. 

Tech Roles

The best tech roles that young blockchain geniuses can fill are:

  • Blockchain Developer
  • Senior Blockchain Engineer
  • Technical Writers

Workers are responsible for building and shaping the blockchain systems, which makes them vital pieces of the process. Tech roles may have been the first thought entering your mind as you think about the blockchain, as it’s in tech that it all got started.


Companies will need someone to build the blockchain program from the ground up. That is why crypto engineers are in high demand as the online coin wave takes over.

Developers will be at the forefront of a company’s growing cryptocurrency investment, ready to program any system with their expertise in computer science.

Blockchain Developer

As a blockchain developer, you are one of the most sought-after individuals in cryptocurrency. It is your job to set up, maintain, and fix the system if any problems arise.

In layman’s terms, you are the creator and translator of blockchain technology for regular people. You will create interfaces that the average person can interact with, making sure they are easy to use and intuitive as possible.

A person well-versed in C++, Python, Node, and a few other niche computer languages, will be the perfect fit for a company looking for a high-level blockchain development engineer.

In case you were wondering, the average blockchain developer will earn between $150,000 and $175,000 per year, so it is well worth it.

Senior Blockchain Engineer

If you have a degree in math or computer science, you are on your way to becoming a senior blockchain engineer. These critical pieces are responsible for building, enhancing, and maintaining apps that facilitate transactions within the cryptocurrency system.

It would also help if they have some people skills, as they will be tasked with leading teams of people in complicated engineering projects. Aside from leadership, the other areas that engineers need expertise in are:

  • Program Languages (C++, Python)
  • Script Languages (JavaScript, Ruby
  • Algorithms
  • Rest API

These professionals are well-paid, earning a generous $115,000 per year.

Front-End Engineer

As a front-end engineer, you are responsible for running diagnostic tests and ensuring everything is top quality and up to date. You will be expected to take full responsibility for your work, which includes automation systems, user interfaces, and component libraries.

You will report to the senior engineer, and you both will smooth out the rough edges of any blockchain program. You are responsible for ensuring a company’s website is full of life and does not contain any glitches or kinks.

Front-end engineers can expect to make roughly $120,000 a year, on average.

Tokenomics Designer

Tokenomics designers are tasked with formulating a plan for a new crypto design for the existing market. You will need to have some knowledge of mathematics, graphic design, and crypto marketing.

Designers will make sure the coin will have some value in the market by taking some assessment of the current demand. Once assured, they will give their design to the developers and engineers for further analysis.

Salaries vary greatly in this field, but on the high end, you can make almost $200,000 a year.

Technical Writer

Technical writers are the unsung heroes of the cryptocurrency world. Although they do not handle complex coding that gives the programs their functionality and life, they still provide ordinary people with the text needed to explain much of the complicated cryptocurrency process.

Writing is one of the more technical blockchain jobs, but you do not need any computer science or math background. You’ll only need good writing skills and knowledge of cryptocurrency.

Even though technical writers do not handle highly involved script writing, they still make $90,000 a year.

Non-Tech Roles 

Although tech jobs are critical, non-tech blockchain professions are also in high demand because blockchain technology is not advanced enough to sell itself. Therefore, companies hire people with high business acumen who will sell their products to the masses.

Like the tech roles, these blockchain technology jobs are high-paying due to their importance in a crypto business venture. The top non-tech jobs future employers will try to fill are:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Content Manager

Individuals who fill these rules will lead teams that will aid the company in presenting its blockchain technologies to the public. With the growing importance of a good internet presence, these jobs will make or break a company’s cryptocurrency investment. 


Blockchain technology has many great selling points, but companies will need some business representatives to get those points out in public. That is where many companies will hire sales representatives as business managers.

Business Development Manager

Business development managers will always be in demand for any up-and-coming or established industry. These individuals are responsible for generating leads and consulting with sales representatives. 

Of course, with this title, it pays to have great people skills and a knack for convincing others that you’re right. Likable individuals with a winning smile will excel the best in this area. It also helps if they have some knowledge of blockchain technology.

This blockchain job carries a salary of anywhere between $90,000 to $150,000 a year.


Like sales, marketing is essential for getting blockchain systems out into the world so that everyone can know what they are and what they do. Companies need directors, managers, and representatives to conduct creative marketing campaigns.

With the proper direction, a marketing team can take a company’s blockchain investment and turn it into a massive return. Paving the way for future companies to follow in their footsteps and create more jobs for crypto marketers.

Marketing Director

Marketing directors will lead the company and its crusade to tell the masses about the functionality and practicality of cryptocurrency. As a director, you will devise marketing plans that catch people’s attention, resulting in top-notch products and higher sales.

Additionally, you will also be responsible for estimating the overall demand for blockchain technology, deciding on a marketing budget, and monitoring the daily trends.

People who are organized and skilled in complex analysis will shine in this role. Not only that, but the pay is generous, as a blockchain marketing director makes roughly $130,000 a year.

Content Manager

As a content manager, you are responsible for making the company searchable on the world wide web. Content managers will make their mark in numerous online outlets such as forums, social media, and personal websites.

It is their job to make sure that anyone searching the internet can find the company’s blockchain. They can fulfill their role by writing articles, blog posts, and white papers, as well as producing and editing videos and images.

They must be well-versed with the best SEO practices and have website-building know-how. On top of that, they must have great leadership skills and be adept at working with writers, designers, and videographers. 

You’ll be making an average of $80,000 a year as a content manager.


People under the operations umbrella ensure everything runs smoothly with all of the company’s logistics. These individuals handle the account books, legal compliance and responses, and community outreach programs. 

Community Managers

Much like a content manager, a community manager handles a company’s overall appearance in the public eye. They will put together company events that will massage their image in the public eye into what they want it to be. 

They will also do damage control for any mishaps or public image nightmares. Essentially, it is your job to make sure everyone in the greater community likes the company’s image.

On average, a blockchain community manager earns roughly $40,000-$60,000.


Every great large-scale company needs a good lawyer. Blockchain technology companies are no exception, as they will need to comply with all the laws their governing body has issued. 

Their lawyer will be the first person a company’s blockchain executive will call if the government introduces new regulations.

They will also help you with crypto taxes and any potential logistical problems. Like many of the other non-technical jobs on this list, lawyers with a background in cryptocurrency litigation will have an advantage over other candidates.

The average income for these lifesavers is roughly $200,000 a year.


As an accountant, you are the money person responsible for keeping the financial transactions in an accessible and organized manner. You will send invoices, create expense reports, and pay any employees or third-party vendors. 

Along with organizational skills, you will need to know how to interact amicably with people and analyze important capital data. The average salary for a crypto accountant is $140,000 a year.

Final Thoughts about the Blockchain Technologies’ Future

We’ve just looked at some of the higher-in-demand blockchain jobs highly skilled individuals can get. It is worth noting that with the rise of individual cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, employers will need to fill blockchain occupations across the US.

Amazon has shown interest in hiring blockchain experts to grow its cryptocurrency portfolio soon. This interest is a change from their previous attitude of “watching it carefully,” held back in 2017.

Amazon is only one of the big companies that recently expressed interest in blockchain technology. A few others are Walmart, Reddit, Visa, Nike, and JP Morgan and the list is growing every day exponentially.

With so many deep-pocketed companies tossing their hat into the cryptocurrency ring, there is no better time than now for elite blockchain experts to secure long-term careers that will allow them to take care of their families and tend to their savings as well.

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