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June 13, 2022

What we are building with CryptoCrew

What we are building with CryptoCrew

Web3 is one of the fastest-growing sectors across all job markets. There is more money pouring in and more new teams being created than in any other sector of the current economy. However, because the technology is so new, most non-Web3 people still don’t know what roles exist, or how to go about getting one of those roles. It is also incredibly difficult to find detailed information about Crypto teams that are hiring.

CryptoCrew is creating the most detailed, comprehensive knowledge base on all things relating to working in Web3. This includes training, education, services, as well as videos and information from people in the industry, explaining how they got their jobs, what their career path was, their educational background and more.

CryptoCrew is here to attract, inform and engage hundreds of thousands of people around the world, with the view to connecting them with the best Web3 teams on the planet.

Company Pages

CryptoCrew is able to educate potential job seekers by creating highly informative company pages, so that potential job seekers can hear from the founders, team leaders and colleagues about what it is like to work there. In a world where many, (arguably most), roles are now remote, we believe it is more important than ever to provide as much detailed, personalised, engaging information up front to job seekers as possible. Few things are more powerful than a video of a founder describing their mission and the problems they are solving.

Team Videos

From over two decades of building hiring technology, we know that people who are considering working for a team want to hear from their team leaders and colleagues speaking about why they are excited about their projects, how they perceive working there, and what they are looking for in a colleague.

If you are considering working in a team, few things are more powerful than hearing directly from your future leader and your colleagues. The way they speak, leadership style, passion for their work, commitment to their team, and descriptions of the problems they are solving are among the most important things a job seeker will use to determine if a role is right for them. By giving them all this information upfront, we are ensuring a more engaged, highly qualified, passionate applicant. That, or they qualify out from the start, which is also an excellent result for everyone.

It’s obvious right?

Crypto Based Referrals

The team behind CryptoCrew has pioneered Referrio, the world’s first Crypto based referral management system.

Referrio allows Hiring Teams to turbo-charge their hiring by offering Crypto rewards for successful job seeker referrals. As soon as a person is hired through Referrio, the referrer is paid their reward directly into their wallet.

Referrio democratizes recruitment by allowing any networked person to make serious money by referring great job candidates to any job listed on Referrio.

Brett Iredale

Brett Iredale